• Art Hotel Reception

    As soon as you walk into the reception hall of the Art Hotel you are met
    with a magnificent and accurate reproduction of the World famous ‘Petra Treasury’

  • Situated In Old Amman
    It Is Real Heritage

    You are in downtown Amman.This means you are near everthing interesting

  • Stay, Save and Enjoy

    Art on the bedrooms walls painted by Jordanian Artiists.

Welcome Note

The Art Hotel Amman Jordan is still going from strength to strength and as always is ready to welcome you in its new look that will make you think it is an illusion.
You will find it full of pleasant surprises and more beautiful and comfortable than ever before. Give it a try and you will not regret it or forget it.

Transport fleet

Car Rental Jordan has an excellent and expanding road network, and renting a car can be a good way to see the country. A driving license valid in your country of origin is acceptable, provided you have held it for at least one year. Driving is on the right. Road signs on the highways are in Arabic and English.
Buses Several companies offer charter bus and regular tours in a fleet of modern, air-conditioned coaches. If youre looking for easy transportation from Amman to some of Jordans must-see tourism attractions you might consider taking the bus. JETT,
Taxis are inexpensive and often the most convenient form of transportation in Jordan, even over substantial distances, such as the trip between Amman and Aqaba. The white-painted "service taxis" ride fixed routes and are shared. Private taxis are painted yellow they can be taken from ranks outside larger hotels, or hailed in the street. Taxis have meters

Archaeological sites

Every stone has a story, and every road follows the forgotten footprints of merchants, pilgrims, and ancient armies
Roman Theater A famous landmark in the Jordanian capital, it dates back to the Roman period when the city was known as Philadelphia. The theatre and the nearby Odeon are flanking the new Hashemite Plaza from the south and the east respectively
Jordan Museum serves as a comprehensive national centre for learning and knowledge that reflects Jordan’s history and culture, and presents in an engaging yet educational way the Kingdom’s historic, antique and heritage property as part of the ongoing story of Jordan’s
Amman Citadel The Roman Temple of Hercules is the most famous site within the Amman Citadel. The temple was built by the Romans and today only a few parts of the structure remains

Restaurants and cafes

Hashem iental Jordanian food, foul and falafel, you feel the culture and the atmosphere of the old jordan, you will like the place but try to go to downtown branch
Wild Jordan Center has a magnificent location overlooking the old city of Amman, the Citadel and the huge Jordanian flag, is owned by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
Zajal Very authentic old style restaurant , even the stairways going up to the restaurant entrance carried me many decades back Food was very good, and they have very special hot drinks like ginger with lemon

Traditional markets

There are plenty of souks in Amman, filled with oriental treasures and original gifts. You will find typical Arabian products such as clothing, jewelry, pottery and glassware, spices and herbs as well as local artwork Even if you do not intend to buy anything, you should definitely not miss out on one of Amman’s souks. Below the three most interesting souks in Amman.
Souk Jara is an outdoor market that takes place every Friday evening during the summer months. Located in a side street at the end of the famous Rainbow Street Gold Souk Besides jewelry you will also find typical oriental treasures such as clothing, pottery and spices is located in the center of Amman, between the Husseini Mosque and the Citadel Souk Mango One of the oldest markets in Amman is Souk Mango, which can be found in downtown Amman near the Roman Theater. At one of the oldest markets of the city, you will find numerous small shops. Open during all seasons


Location... Location... Location

Why choose us? Close to the city, far from the chaos

Location is one of the top selection criteria for travelers when choosing a hotel

Services & Facilites

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, the services offered by the Art Hotel makes it an ideal choice for your stay in Amman.

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