About Us
Welcome to The Art Hotel

If you liked staying at the Art Hotel before, this time you will simply love it. The entire hotel has been refurbished and redecorated to a very high standard.
As soon as you walk into the reception hall of the Art Hotel you are met with a magnificent and accurate reproduction of the World famous ‘Petra Treasury’. It measures 5.50 m high x 4.00 m wide. A truly unique piece of art.
‘Art Hotel’ is not just a name. It is a hotel where you can sleep comfortably. It is an Art Gallery where you can enjoy arts and literature and learn so much about Jordan.
Located right in the city center of Amman where you are near everything you need and everything you want to see such as most delicious Jordanian food at affordable prices, souvenirs places, exotic herbs, scents and aromatic incense. You are within a walking distance from very important archeological sites not to mention the numerous coffee shops and local restaurants.
In simple words, it is an unforgettable experience.
The locals are so friendly, genuine and generous

It is something to write home about. It will be a most interesting experience to tell family and friends when you are back home.
If you have not pre-arranged your trip within Jordan to visit Petra, Wadi Rum, Jerash, Dead Sea and many other places, our front desk will put together a plan for you at affordable prices.